H2 Arms provides complete firearms lifecycle management services for police departments and armed guard companies.

Do you have a large number of weapons coming out of, or going into, service? We want to buy on your guns. We can accept large surplus lots, perform inspection and any necessary repairs to satisfy your compliance needs, and sell them into the secondary market. Contact us at sales [at] h2arms.com for a quote.

But we can do much more:

We can remove department logos or markings, if you do not want guns with your logos entering the secondary market. We can arrange flexible and predictable payment to satisfy your finance department. We can prepare compliance paperwork, such as A&D bound book entries, with high accuracy.

We offer a full range of services to simplify your job, from physical audits to keeping compliance paperwork. And if you need to stretch your budget, you can finance related services with credits from your surplus gun sales.

We use advanced technology in all our service offerings. When we receive your guns, we record video and take photographic records, and you can access them online so there is always a rock-solid compliance trail. We can scan your paper records and enter them in digital form. We can put your records into electronic compliance systems.

In short, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to solve your probems and assure solid compliance. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to suggest solutions.

You can contact us at 469-443-6GUN or sales [at] h2arms.com