Surplus Firearms Reconditioning: We can inspect, clean, grade, repair, and certify surplus firearms. We can remove your departmental identifying marks, so you are assured that firearms that enter the secondary market are not confused with those still belonging to your organization. And we can repackage firearms for sale to retail dealers, including providing any needed packaging, manuals, or trigger locks.

Large-Lot Purchase: We are a specialized firearms life-cycle management company. We don't own warehouses full of hundreds of different types of guns. We are here to buy your guns. When you need to unload large lots of firearms, we can buy them from you with no hassle and we can commit to buy all of them.

Predictable Structured Payment Plans:Does your finance department demand the impossible - predictable payment for your unpredictable gun change-out cycles? We can solve that issue for you. We can commit to regular payments, absorbing the variability in change-outs, so your payments arrive in predictable amounts in predictable times.

Firearms Receiving Services: Receiving weapons coming out of service is tedious work that distracts you and your staff from more important duties. To meet regulatory demand, you need to insure records are kept with absolutely perfect compliance. During weapons change-out, the sporadic arrivals of large weapon lots at your headquarters can overburden the available staff, leading to processing delay and compliance errors that put your compliance at risk. Outsource this tiresome operation to us.

H2 Arms, LLC has built a proprietary receiving process to insure the highest levels of compliance. We process all guns in a specialized receiving bay under camera. We collect video and still photos of the entire receiving process, from breaking the box seal to showing the empty box and the counted and processed weapons. We provide you with a report documenting all counts, model numbers, serial numbers, and highlighting any discrepancies from your manifest. And, of course, we give you direct access to the video and photo records so you can always check things for yourself. Or, using our complete video records, we can automatically have a third party audit and quality check the information for every received firearm.

If you use an electronic bound book system, we can send you the data in a spreadsheet format that allows easy entry into your records. If you do not, we can keep a book for you on your behalf and provide you with access to it.

Do you have many distributed branches? Have them drop-ship firearms from the field directly to us in sealed containers. We can handle the entire process and your disposition data will be rock solid.

Receiving guns is tedious, error-prone, and a distraction from your primary duties. We have built a specialized process to do it for you, at the highest levels of quality, with every step fully auditable. Get yourself out of the receiving business - choose us as your firearms life-cycle management partner and we can take that entire responsibility off your plate for you.

Service Financing: Is the workload spike from a weapons change-out putting unnecessary burden on your limited staff? Perhaps you need professional services to take up some of the load, but your budget is constrained. We can provide any of our services to you and charge them as an offset against your surplus weapons revenue. There is no need to write a business case or argue for temporary headcount. We can protect your budget while placing the cost of weapons processing where it belongs - as a line-item cost, adjusting the revenue you receive from your surplus sales.

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